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Album Review

Angel D’Cuba’s energetic, powerful voice was formerly featured in Mezcla, a flamboyant Cuban supergroup whose tunes were equally divided between classic and contemporary material. D’Cuba’s no less diverse as a solo performer, with his newest release mixing and matching the vintage sounds he heard growing up on the island with songs reflecting the numerous genres he’s heard and often explored since relocating to Chicago. The disc’s most ambitious fare include a whirling salsa piece “Herencia,” and spiraling cumbia piece ”Sone con Colombia.” He turns sentimental on “Amor Anonimo,” which wouldn’t be out of place on adult pop Spanish-language radio. Then there’s “Juana la Cubana,” his venture into the reggaeton sphere. D’Cuba also reconfigures a soul staple with a worthy cover of Earth, Wind and Fire’s “Can’t Hide Love.” The message cut “Una Samba en Chicago” celebrates his past and present connections. Heritage illumimates all the elements that make Angel D’Cuba a Cuban music master.