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Angel In America: Salsa-Master-Turned-Chicago-Mainstay Brings the Funk–and the Timba, Samba, Cumbia and more–on Heritage

Angel d’Cuba has never shied away from dropping everything he can into his music. A native Cuban, Angel came up in a rich musical melange where James Brown and Jackson 5 grooves mixed freely with red–hot Afro-Carribean traditions. And Angel never hesitated to add new flavors–funk, R&B, soca, samba, rock–to this eclectic sonic mix.

Moving to Chicago further expanded Angel’s musical palette, as he demonstrates on Heritage (available February 5, 2013). Formerly the lead singer of the Cuban supergroup Mezcla, Angel takes on the role of bandleader with Heritage.

“I am the fourth generation of musicians in my family, that’s why I sing about herencia, about my heritage” Angel reflects. “The song is summing up all the influences that came into Cuba, all the influences on Cuban music that made it as strong and diverse as it is today.”

Heritage Sampler:

Thursday, February 14 8:00 pm
Valentines Day with the Angel d’Cuba Trio
Cafe Laguardia: 2111 W Armitage, Chicago, IL
Chicago’s best Cuban food + friendliest atmosphere + real Musica Cuban = A Very Special Night!
No Cover